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Major Project Holders’ Get-together 2008- CEVA Cochin

Get together 2008 for the Major Project Holders in the southern region was organized on 24th and 25th of October 2008 at KKID, Coimbatore. Dr. Boris Scharlowski Head of the Department, Development Cooperation, KKS, Germany inaugurated the program and Fr. Joy Vattoly, Secretary CEVA presided over the inaugural session. The Major Project Holders’ Get-together 2008 was officially inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Dr. Boris Scharlowski, Rev. Fr. Joy Vattoly, Mr. T. K. Nathan, Dr. George Arickal and Mr. A. M Varghese Cletus. Dr. George Areckel, former executive director KKS Germany and Mr. P. Narayanappa , Director of PRAKRUTHI, Karnataka felicitated the gathering

Dr. Michel Hollaender, Coordinator, Development cooperation KKS Germany took input session on ‘Improving Reporting Standards (KKS – Requirements of Project reports: Joint Quality Standards)’. Mrs. Barbara Clasen, , Coordinator, Development cooperation KKS Germany took session on the ‘new developments in accounting local contribution’. Dr. Boris Scharlowski, Head of the Department,Development Cooperation KKS Germany took session on ‘Child protection Policy’. And Mr. Jayachandran from Centre for Development Alternatives, Chennai took input session on the ‘Perspectives and Challenges in SHG Management and Revolving Fund’. He dealt with SHG Model, Micro Credit Model, Micro Finance Model, Permanent Credit Services, Bottom lines of Revolving Fund, Critical factors of RF Management, Human Resource in RF Management, Process of Managing RF, Limitation to effective RF Management, How to manage RF, Key capacities relating to service delivery and success stems for RF.

There were panel discussions on ‘Watershed Management and Environment’ and ‘Children and Education’. Mr.Susairaj (KRWCDS, Karnataka), Mr. A.M.Varghese Cleatus (VIKASANA), Mr.P.Narayanappa (PRAKRUTHI. Karnataka), Mr.Paul Bhaskar (Peace Trust, Tamil Nadu) were in the panel for ‘Watershed Management and Environment’. Concept note on Watershed Management, Implementation strategies, Problems, Solutions & Recommendations, and The Impact of Watershed Management were the topics presented by them.

Mr. Srinivasa Rao ( Chaitanya Bharathi, AP), Mr. Govardan Behra (JKS, AP), Mr. Govardan Behra (JKS, AP), Mr. C.C Poulose (Prachodana, Karnataka), and Mr. Kotresh ( Abhivridhi, Hospet, Karnataka) were in the panel for ‘Children and Education’. Issues and Challenges of Children with regard to Education in India, Legislation and Policies in India concerning Child and Quality Education, Educational Rehabilitation of the children in difficult circumstances- Schemes and programmes available for these children from Government, and Recommendations were the topics presented by their team.

The seven major project holders, who will be finishing the project implementation by the end of year 2008 and beginning of 2009, presented their strategies adopted for the sustainability of their projects.

Major Project Partners Meet-2008 of NRO

CEVA-NRO organized Project Partners meet in 2008 on 26th -27th August 2008. The venue of the meet was Hotel Palm Jaipur. 29 persons from 15 organizations participated in the program. Rev. Fr. Dominic Thomas, Regional Secretary of CEVA (NRO) inaugurated the Get Together. In his inaugural speech, Fr. Dominic shared his concerns on the latest development trends in India and stressed that the time has come for all the development workers to focus on RTI and encourage target groups to utilize this facility.
Project Holders made presentation on Background of the agency; Brief activities of the agency, Programme undertaken under KKS project, Major outputs and impact, Success of the project, Failure of the project etc. Project assessment sheet aimed at correlating the work of KKS project with MDGs and format for project completion report were explained to and circulated among the project holders.
As the last leg of the meet, a short sight seeing was organized in two groups. While one group went to Ajmer, the other visited the important places in and around Jaipur. 


New Patron for CEVA

The Prior General of CMI congregation is the patron of CEVA. Very Rev. Fr. Jose Panthaplamthottiyil CMI who was elected as the Prior General of CMI congregation is the new patron of CEVA. We extend a hearty welcome to him and extend all support for his new endeavours. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions made by the previous patron Rev. Dr. Antony Kariyil for the growth of CEVA.

New Administrative Body for CEVA

The month of May (2008) witnessed major changes in the administrative stratum of CEVA. Rev. Fr. Varghese Kokkadan CMI who served CEVA as Secretary for a period of three years became the Moderator preceding Rev. Fr. Austin Kalappurackal CMI. CEVA also got new Secretary –Rev. Fr. Joy Vattoly CMI, and Regional Secretaries-               Rev. Fr. Dominic Kunnumpurath CMI in the North, and Rev. Fr. Joseph Puthenpurackal CMI in the East. It was the time for CEVA to affectionately remember the previous Moderator Rev. Fr. Austin Kalappurackal CMI, Secretary- Rev. Fr. Varghese Kokkadan CMI, and Regional Secretaries- Rev. Fr. Thomas Medackal CMI and Rev. Fr. Reji Muttathu CMI.


Annual Meeting 2008

Annual meeting of KKS, KKF, KKID and CEVA was held at KKID from 6th to 8th March 2008. The Executive Directors of KKS, Mr. Ralf Tepel and Mrs. Daniela Kobelt Neuhaus along with Mr. Arno Eul from KKS attended this 12th Annual Meeting of the family. From CEVA, Fr. Varghese Kokkadan CMI (the Secretary), Fr. Austin Kalappurackal CMI (the Moderator), Fr. Thomas Medackal CMI (Regional Secretary of NRO) and Fr. Reji Muttath CMI (the Regional Secretary of ERO) along with all the coordination staff attended the meeting. Decisions on key issues related to the KKS project coordination were taken during the meeting.

Major Project Holders’ Get-together 2007

Major Project Holders’ (MPH) Get-together 2007 of South Indian partners of KKS, Germany was held at KKID, Coimbatore on 8th and 9th October 2007. Representatives from 21 partner organizations from South India took part in the get-together. The inaugural session of Major Project Holders’ Get-together 2007 started with a prayer and           Mr. T. K. Nathan, Executive Director of KKID welcomed the gathering. Mrs. Sigrid Maurer, Coordinator Development Cooperation, KKS, Germany, in her inaugural address said that this kind of get-together will help the partners to share their experiences with others and provide support to grow together. She said that the two days deliberations will help the partners to know more about monitoring and evaluation which is the need of the hour.

In the presidential address of Fr. Varghese Kokkadan, Secretary CEVA, said that competition has gained a lot of importance in today’s globalised world. Even the NGO sector is not spared from this. The different NGOs are competing to serve the people and access to the limited funds available. He urged the partners to prepare quality project proposals and professional work in implementation and said that the two day deliberations will help to achieve this objective. Mr. Jose Thachil, Executive Director of KKF, in his felicitation expressed the need to focus on sustainability aspect, whether it is in charity or in business. Mr.C.C.Poulose and Mr.A.Sankaranarayanan felicitated the gathering. This was followed by an input session on Monitoring and Evaluation – Tools, Techniques and Successful Practices in the Field of Development Interventions by Mr.Suranjan Reddy. The second input session was on NGOs & Business Ventures- Strategic Introspection by Mr.T.K.Nathan.

On the second day the representatives from various projects made a brief presentation on ‘impact assessment’ in their projects. The workshop concluded with a discussion on new formats for monitoring and reporting.

National Consultation on Children and HIV/AIDS in India

National Consultation on Children and HIV/AIDS in India was jointly organized by Native Medicare Charitable Trust, Coimbatore, CEVA, Kochi and KKID, Coimbatore with the support of KKS and BMZ.


Inauguration of Strahlemann Peace Support Centre for Tsunami Affected Children, Velanganni, Nagapattinam

The construction of Strahlemann Peace Support Centre for Tsunami Affected Children at Palathadi,Velanganni has been completed and the building was officially inaugurated on 21st June 2006. Mrs. Christina Weber, Project Officer, KKS Germany inaugurated the centre. In her inaugural address she said that children have been the worst affected by the tsunami disasters and many donors rightly targeted them in the rehabilitation efforts. She also thanked all the private donors from Germany.

Mr. T.K. Nathan, Executive Director of Karl Kubel Institute for Development Education, Coimbatore delivered the special address in which he highlighted the humanitarian assistance given by different organization all over the world. Fr. Varghese Kokkadan, Secretary CEVA lighted the lamp and addressed the gathering.

Mr. Paul Bhasker, Chairman PEACE Trust, Dindigul in his presidential address promised that the centre would become a model centre for campaigning to protect the rights of children. Mr.Rajmohan, Project Officer, Mahaliar Thittam, Mrs Bindu Mathew A, Project Officer, CEVA, Mrs.Valarmathi Murugaian, President of Velankanni Panchayat, Mr.A. Gilbert, Headmaster, Panchayat Union Middle School, Serethur and leaders from local panchayat felicitated the occasion.

The project, Strahlemann Peace Support Centre for Tsunami Affected Children is a joint venture of Strahlemann-Initiative, Fraport, Karl Kubel Stiftung and other donors. It is being implemented by PEACE Trust, Dindigul and CEVA, Kochi is involved in the coordination of the project. The centre is envisaged for care and educational support for children. It provides boarding facilities as well as supplementary education. At present 105 children are attending the evening classes and boarding facilities are available for thirty five children.

New Houses at Anjengo, Trivandrum

Construction of 50 of the total 150 houses under the Anjengo Integrated Development Project implemented by Trivandrum Social Service Society, Kerala has been completed. The Secretary of CEVA, Fr. Varghese Kokkadan and the Coordinating Officer, Mr.Mathew P. Thomas attended the inaugural function held at Anjengo on April 19th. The occasion was graced by the presence of Very Rev. Soosai Pakiyam, the Bishop of Trivandrum.

Anjengo Integrated Development Project is a major project of three years duration with different components like housing, sanitation, formation and strengthening of SHGs, income generation programme etc. Target group are fisher folk living very close to the sea. The project is supported by KKS, Germany with contribution from beneficiaries.

New project for VOSARD, Kumali, Kerala

A new small project, Integrated Development programme for the Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labourers, Chakkupallam Panchayat has been sanctioned for VOSARD (Volantary Action for Social Action and Rural Development), Kumali. The project is of one year duration (01.05.2006- 30.04.2007) and focuses on agricultural activities. The main components of the project are eco-farming, cattle rearing, vermin-compost, formation of SHGs, construction of sanitary latrines etc. It is supported by KKS, Germany and CEVA has the role of coordination.

The formal inauguration of the project was held on 10th June 2006. Local leaders, community leaders and beneficiaries were present during the occasion. Mr. K.K. Jayachandran, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) formally inaugurated the project. The Secretary and Coordinating Officer of CEVA attended the function.

Unveiling of Photograph of Late Karl Kübel in CEVA

On 2nd August 2006, a special meeting was held at CEVA Bhavan, Kochi in remembrance of late Karl Kübel. A photograph of Mr. Kübel was unveiled during the occasion. Around forty people including the members of general body and staff of CEVA attended the meeting.

The occasion was graced by the presence of Very Rev. Fr. Antony Kariyil, the Prior General of CMI congregation and patron of CEVA. In his message he recalled the services rendered by Mr. Kübel to the poor and needy in India and the trust Mr. Kübel had on the CMI congregation to work jointly for the welfare of the poor. The Patron shared the beautiful moments he had with Mr. Kübel during one of his visits to Bangalore and the insights he got during that interaction. Very Rev. Fr. Antony Kariyil expressed his deep condolences to the bereaved family members, relatives and friends of Mr. Kübel.

During the meeting Rev. Fr. Werner CMI, the first person of the CMI congregation to have direct contact with Mr. Karl Kübel offered tributes to Mr. Kübel. Fr. Werner presented a brief life sketch of Mr. Kübel and talked about the details of his first interaction with Mr. Kübel in 1957.  The relationship between them grew over the years and extended to the whole of CMI Congregation. Fr. Werner was really touched by the conviction which Mr. Kübel had on the Catholic Social Teachings. Fr. Werner recollected the love and care shown by Mr. Kübel for the suffering and downtrodden brethren. He also prayed for the peaceful rest of Mr. Kübel’s soul.

Mr. C. M. Antony, the first president of CEVA shared his fond memories of Mr.Kübel with the audience.  He communicated that Mr. Kübel was the inspiration behind the starting of social service societies by the CMI congregation in various parts of India. The hardworking nature and simplicity of Mr. Kübel really attracted him. Mr. C.M. Antony concluded his sharing by saying that in Mr. Kübel he found the verses from Bible Mathew19:21 being fulfilled in that he was born as a poor man and he died as a poor man by donating all the assets he made during his life to the poor. He urged all those present during the occasion to take Mr. Karl Kübel as a role model in their lives.

The meeting concluded with the unveiling of the Photograph of Mr. Kübel by Mr. C. M. Antony.

Major Project Holders’ Get-together 2006

Major Project Holders’ Get-together 2006 of South Indian partners of KKS, Germany was held at KKID, Coimbatore on 10th & 11th Oct. 2006. Representatives from 17 partner organizations from South India took part in the deliberations. The inaugural session attended by Ms. Catrine Braun, representative from KKS was followed by an input session on Appreciative Inquiry by Mr. Alegesan of Myrada. The second day started with an input session on Right to Information Act by Mr. T. K. Nathan, Executive Director of KKID, Coimbatore. This was followed by presentations by the project partners on their successes and concerns/issues in project implementation. The get- together of 2006 concluded with a general discussion on certain points raised by CEVA representatives regarding the reports submitted by project holders, cost-benefit analysis, extension of projects and auditing guidelines.

Training Programme on Using LFA for Monitoring And Evaluation

An in-house training programme was organised for CEVA staff on using LFA for monitoring and evaluation from 25-27 july 2006. The training was held at Vidhya Vanam Ashram, Bangalore. The resource person for the training was Mr. ram Bhat of Options and Solutions, Bangalore. 14 participants from all the three offices of CEVA attended the training programme.


Onam Celebration

CEVA staff celebrated onam with the SHG members at Thammanam and Gandhinagar on 1st and 2nd September. Various games were ogranised for the SHG members. This was followed by dance competition for children and onam sadhya

National Consultation on Children and HIV/AIDS in India

National Consultation on Children and HIV/AIDS in India was jointly organized by Native Medicare Charitable Trust, Coimbatore, CEVA, Kochi and KKID, Coimbatore with the support of KKS and BMZ. The three day consultation aimed at evolving policy on filling the gaps in the care and support for HIV/AIDS infected / affected children and developing a network between the NGOS working in the field was held at KKID, Coimbatore from 12- 14 October, 2006. The consultation was inaugurated by the Hon. Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, Mrs. Meira Kumar. Over the three days papers on different aspects of HIV/AIDS and children like discrimination, health care, support system, vulnerability and legality were presented followed by discussions which resulted in forming recommendations to be forwarded to appropriate bodies.

Visit of Mr. Ralf Tepel to CEVA
Mr. Ralf Tepel visited CEVA, Cochin office CEVA on 29th and 30th August, 2006. He held a detailed discussion with the CEVA staff. He gave the details of his other visits in India and provided some guidelines regarding submission of new projects. On 30th Mr. Tepel held discussions with two prospective project partners Mr. Susairaj and Mr. Prabhakar Alva at CEVA office.


Visit of Mr. Ashuthosh Jha

Mr.Ashuthosh Jha from EU Delhi office visited CEVA ,Cochin office on 28th September, 2006 and held discussions with Executive Committee members and staff of CEVA. He was on his way back to Delhi after attending the draft presentation of the midterm evaluation report of Dalit Development Project, Mannanam. Mr. Arno Eul from KKS, Germany was also present during the presentation at Mannanam.

Visit of Mr. Francis Helde
Mr. Francis Helde, Project Coordinator of Anando in Bangladesh visited CEVA office on September 20th 2006 and held discussions with the Secretary of CEVA, Fr. Varghese Kokkadan. Later in the day he visited the SHGs in Kadavanthara and had a sharing session with the SHG members.